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Hey contributors! All articles can be submitted through direct email to FanFicable.

Text can be in the body of the email or in an attached DOC file.

The below guidelines are for approved FanFicable contributors. New contributors can apply at

Submitting Articles

Reviews & Reading Lists

To submit a review or reading list, please follow general FanFicable style. (See existing reading lists and reviews for style examples.) We will handle formatting, but we ask that you include any relevant URLs (book links, author profiles, etc.) with your submission. We will find any appropriate cover images for you. For reviews, please include a number of stars out of 5. (We cannot do half stars, so only whole numbers please.)

Other Articles

If your topic is seasonal or based on recent news, please reach out via email to check that your article topic is not being covered by another writer before writing. As with other content, please include any related URLs for linking. All topics and content must fit content guidelines (below).

Content Guidelines


We aim to be a positive and wholly inclusive blog. We will reject any content that may reflect misogynist, racist, homophobic, or other inappropriate content. Editors may modify or remove heteronormative, colonialist, body-shaming, or sex-shaming language or any language inconsistent with our mission.

Review Sensitivity

Negative reviews must feature constructive critiques and no personal attacks against the author. All reviews should be well-rounded and include both positive and negative elements. We do our best to take care in the treatment of authors, since many are not professionals. If a story has a small readership or an author is particularly unknown, use additional caution in determining if your critique is appropriate and welcomed.

No Reader Shaming

We welcome expression and a range of opinions, but we ask that no articles insult or shame other readers based on their tastes and preferences. Do not submit to us any content which makes judgements about the quality of any genre, fandom, or art form. We reserve the right to reject any content that violates our standards.

Adult Content is Generally Okay

Cursing is allowed where appropriate in the tone of the article, with the exception of racial epithets or language that violates our other standards. Other content that is okay includes: sex, violence, religion, occultism. If you are unsure if your topic is appropriate, feel free to ask.

Book Content

We do not promote books that glorify or support racism, sexism, homophobia, partner violence, rape, slut-shaming, or hate. These types of books should not be included in book lists or positive reviews. Critical coverage of books featuring such topics is welcome, as is any editorial evaluation of these types of content.

Publishing Process


By submitting content to FanFicable, you agree to the publishing of that content on FanFicable's blog, newsletters, social media, and other media channels. Authors will be credited with their name and any social links they request. We reserve the right to edit content for grammar, spelling, transparency, and form, and in accordance with out content guidelines. We cannot guarantee any content will be published or remain published.

Illustrations & Photos

If you have a particular photo or graphic to accompany your piece, please be sure you have the rights to use and publish it. By submitting visual content, you agree to the same publishing rules as written content. We source many of our photos through Unsplash. If you don't have a graphic in mind, we will handle it for you. For special graphic requests or ideas, please reach out directly.

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