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When Will the 2022 Watty Winners Be Announced?

If you've entered The Wattys this year, here are 6 important dates you'll want to know...


UPDATE (11/19/2022): This article is from the Fanficable archive and is out of date. The 2022 Watty winners were announced on November 19th, 2022.


When Will I Know if I'm on the Shortlist?

This year, Wattpad released the shortlist of entries (also considered finalists) for the Wattys on Wednesday, October 19th.

The shortlist can be found on the Wattys profile here:

Winners will be chosen from this shortlist.

Shortlist Announced: Wed, October 19

When Do They Tell the Winners If They've Won?

The Watty winners will be selected from the finalists in the shortlist. Wattpad's rules say that all winners (including those receiving special prizes) "will be selected by the judging panels on or about October 21, 2022". They further explain that they "will attempt to notify the Winners by email or direct message on Website within seven (7) days of selection", so it could be expected that winners will be notified before October 28th. Once notified, winners will have 7 days to respond and complete the necessary paperwork. If any winners fail to reply, a runner up may be chosen. The winners will be officially announced live at Wattcon in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 19th.

Winners Selected: Fri, October 21 (approx.)

Winners Notified: Expected by Fri, October 28

Winners Announced: Sat, November 19


Have you entered the Wattys this year? Share your story in the comments...


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