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5 Innovative Reading Apps to Try in 2023

These reading apps are on the rise and creating new reading experiences. They may just be the next big thing.

The Future of Reading - Phones with different app screenshots

Don't get us wrong, we love a good paperback book, and our e-reader isn't going anywhere. But we love to see new and exciting reading apps on the horizon. So what's the next Wattpad or Kindle Unlimited? These five apps are our picks for game-changers in the making.


This immersive reading app from the team at Inkitt is a step beyond the standard reading experience with visual and sound effects, video clips, music, and vibrations played along with the story. We reviewed it when it debuted in 2021, but the platform has grown and improved since then and developed a strong following. What's most impressive is that some authors on the app are reporting immense profits. Sapir Eglard, the author of Galatea's most popular story Millenium Wolves, has reportedly made over $8 million in earnings. Seemran Sahoo (The Arrangement) brought in over $2.7 million. If the app's success continues, we could be looking at the next generation of reading and the most lucrative source of income for nontraditional writers.


Similar to Galatea, Tales is another reading app that combines audio-visual storytelling with written words. But Tales leans more in the game direction, incorporating more visual art and video content with interactive, choice-based plotlines. These stories are part role-playing game, part web comic, part book. Unlike many competitors, the app is open to all writers and allows them to build and customize the multimedia experience. Tales is managing to find an impressive sweet spot between books, video games, and television. If they can attract a solid initial user base, the app has serious potential to become a sensation.

Ream Stories

Patreon has been a go-to for authors to connect with paying fans for a long time, but its restrictive content policies and censorship have sent many authors looking for alternatives. Enter Ream—the brainchild of authors Emilia Rose and Michael Evans—an author-oriented paid subscription site that promises never to censor "adult" content. Its features list includes community and social experiences for readers and detailed reporting and management tools for creators. The app is set to officially launch in May of 2023, but early peeks are quite promising.


Erotica fans are in for a treat with Quinn, an app that features audio erotica read aloud by popular actors and creators. Subscriptions give users unlimited access to the entire audio library, from straight-up playlists of sexy moaning sounds to high-heat romance and everything in between. You'll even encounter familiar faces (err, voices) like Grey's Anatomy's Jesse Williams. The company is female-founded and geared toward women, but everyone is welcome. It's not your grandma's reading app, that's for sure, but there's definitely a niche for this one.


If you do most of your reading during your commute—listening, of course—then you'll be excited about what the app Realm is up to. They produce world-class audio stories from bestselling writers and creators, all in podcast form. Audio "shows" include sci-fi drama Echo Park starring Harry Shum Jr. (Glee) and crime procedural Hunted from Law & Order creator Dick Wolf. Orphan Black fans will also love that the app includes an official multi-season continuation of the show with its star Tatiana Maslany. Some stories are available for free, whereas others are paid. Realm is definitely giving Audible a run for its money.


What apps are you using most lately? Let us know in the comments...

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