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7 Great Werewolf Romance Books

Looking for a fun romance with a little bit of bite? These books bring the perfect combination of supernatural adventure, tension, and sex appeal.

by Nikki_Mayflower

Blue is a human living under the rule of a corrupt and abusive werewolf-led government. Everything changes when she encounters the man responsible for the subjugation of her kind: the Alpha King.

by Raneem Hasan

When her pack was attacked, angel-werewolf hybrid Tiana barely escapes with her life. After stumbling across territory lines, she finds herself in the dungeon of the notorious Alpha Mason.

by Emilia Rose

After Isabella catches her pack's sexy Alpha peeping through her window during a private moment, she instigates a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Teasing the big bad wolf is definitely asking for trouble—but it's exactly the trouble she's looking for.

by Maggie Stiefvater

Having watched the wolves behind her family home for years, Grace has always felt a special pull drawing her to one in particular: the wolf with yellow eyes. So meeting a yellow eyed boy can't just be a coincidence—can it?

by Destiny Diess

Mae has been warned to stay away from werewolves: they're dangerous, rough, and unruly. When she meets Damon, she finds herself inexplicably drawn in to the world she's tried to avoid.

by WolfUndertheMoon89

When Rajini, a strong female warrior, is assigned as a potential mate to an arrogant Beta, she has no interest in allowing it to divert the big plans she's made for her life. The only problem is that they may have chosen the right match.

by SherryBaby14

Helena has lived by one rule: never go outside after dark. When she finally ventures into the night, she discovers the existence of creatures she once thought were myths. Why does she feel so connected to this world and why has someone been trying to keep her away?


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