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9 Home Décor Items for Fanfiction Lovers

We've found a few cute, fandom-inspired pieces to bring your love of reading into your home.

Fanfiction Tropes Prints

$19 each

Artist Débora Cabral created these gorgeous art prints featuring popular fanfiction tropes. Mix and match your favorites like "Fake Dating", "Enemies to Lovers", "Only One Bed", and more...

"Read More Fanfiction" Blanket

$39 for Medium

We all know beds aren't for sleeping, they're for reading! Tell everyone what it's really all about with this cozy black-and-white blanket.

Folding Book Lamp


When folded, it looks like a book. But unfolded, the book becomes a lamp with a warm light to read your favorite novel by.

"Mentally Dating Noah Flynn" Throw Pillow


Obsessed with The Kissing Booth? This throw pillow is a perfect opportunity to broadcast your love of the dreamy Noah Flynn.

Well-Read Woman Poster

$25 for 16x24

Strike fear in the hearts of men with this poster that lets everyone know you have the three B's: Beauty, Brains, and Books.

Fanfiction Terms Clock


Fanfic time is all the time with this quirky clock. The design includes phrases like "Highschool AU", "A/B/O", "Amnesia Fic" and even "Bang or Die." Hey, we're not judging...

Drarry Mug


If you believe that Harry and Draco are endgame, then you should be sipping tea from this #TeamDrarry mug.

Hardin Scott Quote Bath Mat


Celebrate your love of After with this colorful bath mat complete with a swoon-inducing Harry/Hardin quote.

I Heart Fanfiction Floor Pillow


This oversized lounge pillow is the perfect for reading on a lazy Sunday.


How do you show off your favorite fandom? Tell us in the comments...


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