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Bestselling Published Authors You Can Read on Wattpad

Bookstores aren't the only place to find the work of New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors—these big-time writers are also on Wattpad!

Natasha Preston


Natasha Preston is a four-time New York Times bestselling author of contemporary romance and YA horror. She has three full-length books on Wattpad, including her breakout hit, The Cellar.

John Locke


Prolific New York Times bestselling author John Locke is best known for his Donovan Creed thriller series. He has two books on Wattpad, including a teen PI thriller and a western adventure.

Rachel Astor


Romance author Rachel Astor is the USA Today bestselling author of the McMaster the Disaster contemporary romance series. The first book of the series, Bridesmaid Lotto, is on Wattpad now.

Catherine Gayle


Catherine Gayle is the USA Today bestselling author of dozens of regency and hockey romance books, including her Portland Storm series. The first book of that series, Breakaway, is available on Wattpad.

Julie Johnson


USA Today bestselling author Julie Johnson is also part of the Wattpad Paid Stories program. Her Boston romance books Not You, It's Me and Cross the Line are both available as paid stories.

Kelly Anne Blount


Kelly Anne Blount is not only a USA Today bestselling horror and thriller author, but also a Wattpad Star and Ambassador. She has dozens of works on Wattpad, including Watty-winner Captured.

Apryl Baker


USA Today bestselling author Apryl Baker writes everything from horror and fantasy to contemporary romance. As a Wattpad Star and Ambassador, you can find many of her books, including her hit paranormal romance, The Ghost Files, on Wattpad.


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