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Cover Boys: Meet the Heartthrobs Dominating Wattpad

Notice a pattern in these covers? If you've even just stumbled upon Wattpad, odds are you've encountered a least one of these familiar faces. Both are male models with a ton of tattoos, so it's no wonder they often get tapped to be the visual representation of every dark, brooding male character. Both show up often as mafia members and gang leaders, but they'll turn up just about anywhere.

Stephen James

First up is model and former professional soccer player Stephen James. Stephen may have the single most popular cover face on Wattpad. You can recognize him by the lotus tattoo across his neck, his chiseled jawline, or his elaborate black-and-gray Kali chest piece.

James was born in London in December of 1990, making him currently 29 years old. At the age of 21, an injury cut his soccer career short. He now has over 2.5 million Instagram followers as a fashion model and brand ambassador. He currently owns a barbershop and tattoo parlor in Barcelona called Elijah. According to his Instagram, he spends much of his time in Spain when not traveling for work.

Here's Stephen explaining a bit about his unique career path and success on social media.

So that's Stephen James. Who's our other Wattpad celebrity?

Jord Liddell

Perhaps unsurprisingly, our other heavily-tatted mystery man is a tattoo artist named Jord Liddell. Despite often appearing in black-and-white photos, much of his tattoo work is in full color. He's best recognized by his dramatic slanted brow ridges, one of which with the word "compel" tattooed above it. He also has an upside-down cross beneath one eye.

Liddell is very close in age to James, born just half a year earlier in June of 1990, making him 30 today. That's not where the similarities end, Liddell is also from England. He has modeled for Inked magazine and brands like Topman and Adidas.

Liddell is less active on social media and seems to devote more time to his career as a tattoo artist than he does to modeling, so there's less information out there about him. If you're interested in seeing him on video, though, you're in luck: he appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show to talk about tattooing the host's face on someone's butt. Yep, that's right. Thank you, internet!


Is there another Wattpad beau you think we've missed? Let us know in the comments!


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