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FanBinding: Creating Physical Copies of FanFiction for Your Bookshelf

Ever wanted a physical copy of your favorite online fic? These fans are making that wish a reality with fanbinding—book binding for fanfiction.

Fanbinding is a crafting movement where individuals hand-make and bind physical copies of their favorite online works. The trend exploded on TikTok and Instagram, with many users taking requests and orders for fan favorites.

In most cases, these fan-made prints violate the author's copyright and, since money is exchanged, may also encounter problems with the fandom creator's rights as well. But each would need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Creators like omfgreylo are at the forefront of the movement, creating beautiful and elaborate print editions for bookshelves. Their most popular requests, which have been put on hold, are Harry Potter fics Manacled and The Auction.

Another creator we love is Sacred_Texts_Bindery on Instagram, who created this amazing rendition of a Star Wars fanfic.

ClovenHoofBindery binds an array of fanfic stories, with a special emphasis on Harry Potter fandom.

Want to learn more about fanbinding? Check out Renegade Publishing, an artists guild that practices fanbinding as art.

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