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Fanfiction-Inspired Tattoos You'll Want to Get Yourself

Want to represent your fandom 24/7? Check out this collection of gorgeous fanfiction-inspired ink for awesome ideas.

Fish in a Teacup

Inspired by Harry Potter fanfic All Must Draw Near by Saras_Girl, this tattoo of a teacup with a fish in it has a rather literal inspiration: the chapter "There's No Tea in Fish", in which a fish ends up in a teacup. The tattoo's wearer says she credits the author for helping her get through the pandemic.

Jagged Stones

This quote around rock crystals was inspired by Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fanfic Sansukh by Determamfidd on AO3.

Stack of Books

A simple tattoo inspired by Anna Todd's After and representing Tessa and Harry/Harden's shared love of literature.

Bad Boy in a Bathtub

This person got inked with a framed scene out of Duplicity by happydays1d (aka Julez), a Harry Styles fan fiction.

Drarry Love

This sweet anime-style Draco and Harry tattoo is the ultimate way to show off a favorite fanfiction ship.

From Drarry to Larry

Many One Direction fans have rooted for Louis and Harry (aka "Larry") as endgame. This fan put their love of Larry on their arm as a delicate line-drawn pair of hands.


Do you have a fanfiction-inspired tattoo? Share it in the comments!


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