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The Best Free Writing Guide Books on Wattpad

If you're a writer looking to improve your skills, you're in luck—these writing books are all chock-full of advice and available right now on Wattpad!

by Benjamin Sobiek

This abridged version of the paperback guide has lots of helpful advice from successful Wattpad writers. If you like the info you get here but want more, the whole book is available for purchase.

by The Wattys

This detailed writing guide from Wattpad staffers Nick Uskoski and Keely Kundell is jam-packed with great advice. They cover everything from plot development and editing to reader interaction and choosing hashtags.

by Anmol Malik

Technically this isn't a "book", but a video class. It features Indian author Anmol Malik discussing her best tips for romantic comedy writing.

by Science Fiction

Sci-fi writers will love this detailed writing guide, which includes all the basics you need to write a great science fiction story.

by HowtoUseWattpad

This guidebook offers up-to-date tips on getting more readers in 2020—direct from Wattpad HQ.

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