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7 Spooky Halloween Reads for October

Looking for thrills and chills this Halloween? We've rounded up our favorite dark and supernatural books to read this month.

An Eerie Thriller

by T.L. Bodine

Antique store owner Liz finds an unusual taxidermied hound at auction. When she brings it home to her wife and child, strange occurrences and mysterious deaths begin to haunt her family.

The Creepy Classic

by Edgar Allen Poe

Arguably Poe's most-famous work, The Tell-Tale Heart is a short story written in the perspective of a murderer as he kills an old man and subsequently covers up his death.

A Dark YA Adventure

by Katarina Tonks

When the angel of death spares Faith's soul, there's a price to be paid. At the age of 18, her soul will belong to him. This first book of Katarina Tonk's Death Chronicles series is a darkly humorous adventure through the underworld.

Romance with a Supernatural Twist

by Nikki_Mayflower

Blue is a human living under the rule of a corrupt and abusive werewolf-led government. Everything changes when she encounters the man responsible for the subjugation of her kind: the Alpha King.

An Unexpected Otherworldly Webcomic

by HelloThisisAngle

This graphic drama features some of the most original artwork you'll ever encounter with a compelling story that's heavy in supernatural intrigue.

Horror That Will Keep You Up At Night

by Jakayla Toney

Emily never expected that an innocent game of hide and seek would end in the murder of her parents. Now, she and her brother are forced to live with a strange couple, whose house rules are really a twisted game.

A Surprising Zombie Novelette

by Naomi Alderman & Margaret Atwood

Two powerhouse writers teamed up to create this modern zombie story that follows 15-year-old Okie, whose life takes a turn for the worst when her mom becomes a zombie and eats her dad.

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