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Harry Styles Fanfics to Read If You Liked 'After'

Loved After and want to read more? Check out these Harry Styles fanfics we're completely obsessed with.


by MysteryMixtapes

After a hot tryst in the bathroom of a club, sweet Abby and troubled Harry can't seem to stay away from each other. This sinister and deeply twisted story of love and redemption is a must-read that will have you on your toes.


by han_rawrr

Sweet and innocent Bo finds herself caught in the web of mysterious bad boy Harry Styles. This iconic AU fanfic features all the intense twists and turns you loved from After with its own unique vibe.

by MysteryMixtapes

Drew is used by her family and those she loves. So when her best friend introduces her to his cousin Harry, she expects the playboy to be just another user. He's brazen, sexual, and doesn't do relationships. But as their friendship develops, both find themselves wanting more.


by HappyDays1D

When Ava Brooks is hired to photograph the punk band Duplicity, she ends up pulled into a criminal underground she never knew existed.


by KiwiHarryy

Harry Styles and Aubry Hart are costars of a major film where their characters are desperately in love. The problem? They can't stand each other in real life. When they're forced to fake a relationship for the press, real feelings start to surface.


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