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How Popular is Wattpad?

Ever wonder how many people are on Wattpad at the same time you are?

According to Wattpad's data it's, well...a lot!

Over 80 Million Users Monthly

More than 80 million readers used Wattpad each month.

37 Minutes

The average Wattpad user spends 37 minutes a day on the app.

23 Billion Minutes

That adds up to 23 billion minutes or just under 43,760 years spent on Wattpad every month.

90% Are Under 40

Almost all of Wattpad's readers are Gen Z or Millennials.

50+ Languages

Stories on Wattpad are available in over 50 languages.

665 Million Unique Stories

Wattpad hosts over 665 million unique stories.

*Based on data from Wattpad HQ's business website.



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