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Movie Review: Through My Window

The Netflix adaptation of Wattpad novel Through My Window hits the perfect mix of romance, sex, and drama.

From Wattpad to Netflix

Through My Window is based on the Wattpad novel A Través De Mi Ventana by Venezuelan author Ariana Godoy, which amassed over 356 million reads on Wattpad. The film is in Spanish with available English dubbing. Its English title is Through My Window (just like the book's English version, which has an additional 5 million reads).

The film itself has been a success for Netflix, which has signed on to make two additional movies in the series.

The Movie

The movie sticks pretty true to t

he original story—young woman Raquel develops a slightly-unhealthy obsession with her neighbor Ares, who hacks her computer to steal her wifi password and ends up uncovering her secret fascination with him. Their relationship veers between antagonistic and flirty as they explore the love-hate chemistry that pulls them together.

Through My Window manages to achieve something that most other Wattpad adaptations have struggled with—balance. The film merges the unique storytelling style of online serial fiction with the conventional format of a feature-length film.

We were surprised to see that the movie didn’t shy away from including taboo sexual depictions—oral sex, analingus, female sexual agency, bisexuality—that most productions cut for fear of alienating traditional audiences. The multiple sex scenes are hot, compelling, and full of tension.

Actors Clara Galle and Julio Pena shine as Raquel and Ares, with strong—no, red hot—chemistry and solid emotional performances. They successfully walk the fine line between love and hate, with palpable intensity at both ends. The English voice actors, Victoria T. Washington and Ryan Colt Levy, also brought strong performances that complemented the visuals and felt natural when dubbed.

In contrast, the supporting cast often fell flat with unnatural, over-acted delivery. To be fair, the side characters were given very few lines to work with, and their inclusion often felt forced in the larger storyline. This was a clear casualty of adapting a long story into a feature-length film.

Another notable adaptation misstep was the scene where a friend of Raquel's manages to contaminate the school swimming pool, which just doesn't make sense without the context from the book. For a moment, it appears the pool is haunted by some sort of black blob creature.

Is it Worth a Watch?

Definitely. Through My Window is not a typical Hollywood production and we shouldn’t expect it to be. Rather, it’s a thoughtful visual adaptation of this particular writing style and genre. It works as a movie without losing the particular Wattpad magic that has captivated young female audiences.

A Través De Mi Ventana (Spanish)

Watch the Movie Netflix

Read the Book Wattpad

Through My Window (English)

Watch the Movie Netflix

Read the Book Wattpad


What did you think of the Through My Window movie? Tell us in the comments!

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