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Robbie Amell Set to Star in Float Movie Adaptation

The Flash and Upload star Robbie Amell has signed on to produce and star in the film adaptation of Wattpad's YA romance hit Float.

Robbie Amell holds the script for Wattpad's Float

Wattpad Star Kate Marchant's book Float has amassed over 25.5 million reads on Wattpad. The 25-year-old author's hit YA romance novel is now being made into a feature film.

Today, Canadian actor Robbie Amell (of The Flash and Upload fame) announced his involvement with the project.

Wattpad revealed on Instagram that Amell will be both producing and starring in the film. Amell and Wattpad have teamed up with Collective Pictures to produce the movie.

Float is the story of a teen girl, Waverly, who—following her parents' divorce—finds herself spending the summer at the beach with her aunt. To make things more complicated, her former nemesis Blake (Amell) turns out to be her new neighbor. When Blake learns her embarrassing secret (she can't swim), he offers to teach her.

In a statement to Variety, Amell said:

“Kate wrote such an incredibly touching and relatable love story. I hope the fans are as excited as I am to see these characters come to life.”

Wattpad currently has over 50 projects currently in development for film and television.

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Are you excited for the Float movie? What do you think of Amell's casting as Blake? Share your thoughts in the comments...

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