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The 7 Best Watty Winners to Read Right Now

Wattpad's Watty Awards have been celebrating popular, unique, and diverse storytelling since 2011. With this year's winners announcement just around the corner, here are our favorite past Watty winners...

by Lauren Palphreyman

55M Reads | YA Supernatural Romance | 2016 Winner

When Lila is bombarded with strange, cryptic letters from Cupid's Matchmaking Service, she heads to their headquarters to solve it once and for all. But it turns out the company has a supernatural secret: cupids are real, and she's been matched with the god of love himself.

by T.L. Bodine

133k Reads | Horror/Thriller | 2018 Winner

Antique store owner Liz finds an unusual taxidermied hound at auction. When she brings it home to her wife and child, strange occurrences and mysterious deaths begin to haunt her family.

by Claudia Tan

81.7M Reads | Romantic Adult Drama | 2015 Winner

When trainer Sienna Lane finds her champion-boxer boyfriend Jax in bed with her sister, she begins a quest for revenge. She offers to train his nemesis—Kayden Williams—in hopes of seeing Jax defeated in the ring. The plot leans more tearjerker at times than romance, but Tan's writing is remarkably compelling.

by Elizabeth Seibert

21.1M Reads | YA Romance | 2012 Winner

This novel from two-time Watty-winner Elizabeth Siebert was published by Wattpad Books this year. When hardcore bro Nick Maguire starts falling for his best friend's sister, he has to decide if she's worth breaking The Bro Code for.

by Mikaela Bender

21.9M Reads | Sci-Fi | 2016 Winner

This dystopian sci-fi novel follows a young woman in a world where everyone's death date is printed on their arm at birth. What happens when she lives past her 'expiration date'?

by PhenomenalPen

817k Reads | YA Romance | 2018 Winner

When Kate and her boyfriend break up just before Valentine's Day, she signs up for a mysterious app called My Dream Boyfriend. The app is supposed to be an AI chatbot, but as time goes on, Kate begins to suspect there's a real person on the other end of the phone.

by V.S. Santoni

673K Reads | YA Fantasy | 2017 Winner

Best friends Johnny and Alison have been experimenting with magic, but when a spell goes wrong, it attracts the attention of a wizard academy. There, the two encounter challenges they never could have imagined.


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