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The Best Supernatural Fanfiction to Read Now

Get your fill of saving people and hunting things with these awesome fanfic picks from the world of Supernatural.


by Arrow_to_the_Heart

On the streets, she goes by Natasha—just barely getting by and hiding in the shadows. When she meets the Winchester brothers, everything changes. Especially as she grows closer to Dean.


by Prim

Jo, Meg, Charlie, and Jessica are given a new chance at life when Castiel calls upon them to track down Sam and Dean after they've gone missing.

Hail Mary

by GalaxySoup

Freshly human and on the run from heaven's forces, Castiel joins a reincarnated Mary Winchester on her own hunting jobs.


by Bokuroos

When John Winchester discovers an orphaned girl whose parents have been killed by demons, he takes her in and trains her as a hunter alongside his two sons.

Secret Weapon, Secret Family

by LuxShine

Realizing Dean Winchester will never agree to be his vessel, the archangel Michael goes back in time to change his fate. Inspired by Lucifer's plan to win Sam, he imbues an infant Dean with a fragment of his own angelic grace.

ZEN i [Jack Kline]

by KMCriously

In this alternate universe retelling, Sam and Dean have a little sister—Zenja Winchester—who finds her fate intertwined with that of Lucifer's son, Jack Kline.


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