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Boxing Romance Review: Knock Down, Drag Out

Knock Down, Drag Out is a fresh take on the boxing-romance genre, but a few missteps and clichés prevent it from being really great.


Knock Down, Drag Out

by Nicandmoes

Maddox Reece is more than just a professional MMA fighter. In his time off, he protects vulnerable people from danger. When Darcy asks for his help fending off a stalker, he finds himself thinking about more than just keeping her safe.

This book is not for the faint of heart, since it covers serious topics like stalking, threats, violence, and assault. But if you get past the creepiness, you'll come to find that the author paints a brilliant portrait of a dangerous stalker. Some of the book's best moments and when we get a peek inside the mind of the stalker himself.

The chemistry between Darcy and Maddox is palpable, and the sexual scenes are particularly good. We loved the main female character was more than the virginal, Mary Sue protagonists you typically find on Wattpad. She has an actual career (as a doctor) and is an adult woman who isn't afraid of casual sex.

Unfortunately, the character of Darcy does end up falling into some serious clichés: She's a beautiful genius prodigy with a twin sister and isn't written with a lot of flaws. These clichés also run the story into some strange plot holes. Throughout the book, Darcy makes a fair amount of questionable decisions for a genius and doesn't seem to know some basic medical information that—as a doctor—she should definitely know. It also stumbles into several cliché plot points that feel genuinely unnecessary.

Overall, this book is worth a read, if only for the excellent writing; but keep in mind that if you're not into clichés or you're the kind of reader that will get stuck on a factual issue, it's probably not the book for you.

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