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Harry Styles Fanfiction Review: Stall

You don't have to be a Harry Styles fan to appreciate this action-packed, dark romance that outdoes After on every level.


by MysteryMixtapes

Sure, After may be the most popular fanfiction on Wattpad, but this book is a smarter, more-nuanced take on the bad boy romance genre.

After a chance encounter at a club, Harry finds his fate entangled with that of sweet, naive Abby. But Harry's dark secrets threaten to ruin him, and possibly take her down with him.

Stall is a dark—and at times twisted—romance. If you're not a Harry Styles or One Direction fan, that's just fine. This fanfiction uses Harry's name and likenesses, but the actual character is entirely unique.

Despite serious themes of violence, drug use, murder, and abuse, the story manages to be surprisingly heartwarming. The author is a master of character development and brilliantly crafts Harry's best friends Jimmy and Steve.

It's unfortunate that Abby's character is so innocent and goody-two-shoes, as it is a rare cliché in an otherwise exceptionally creative book.

The author is particularly innovative in their use of gifs and music throughout to enhance the story.

This book is a must-read on Wattpad and a true standout in its unfettered storytelling, bold and diverse characters, and clever dialogue.

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