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The 5 Best Werewolf Book Series Online

Why read just one werewolf book when you can go through a whole series? Here are a few of the most binge-able werewolf book series to get you started.

by Jaide Harley

Follow three separate yet intertwined stories of Alpha wolves, strong women, and hot chemistry in this trilogy of werewolf books. They're intended to be read in order, but each book is a standalone story.

by S. Rene

When Alpha Chris meets his chosen mate, he realizes there's a problem—she's human, and she's stubborn as hell. Little do they know that the Moon Goddess has a plan for them both. This four-book saga follows their story across the series and must be read in order.

by M.L. Francis

This series follows the stories of two female warrior wolves fighting for a place with societies elite werewolf class, with a touch of romance along the way. These are two standalone books in the same universe.

by WonderStruckAgain

Dive into any of these four delectable romances in a world of shifters, legends, and royalty. They do have a chronological order, but can all be read as standalone novels.

by Nikki Mayflower

As a human, Blue has spent a lifetime under the rule of corrupt werewolves. The last thing she expects—or wants—is to be mated to the king she blames for her suffering. This duology follows their story across both books, so it should be read in order.


Have another recommendation? Share it in the comments and we might include it in a future list!


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