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What the Cast of After Should Actually Look Like

Anna Todd's fanfiction turned novel, After, is a big screen success. But how does the movie cast stack up to the descriptions from the fanfiction-turned-novel

We've used a bit of photoshop magic to transform the cast of After into more canon-accurate versions of the characters. Some of the transformations will blow you away!


Based on: Harry Styles

Name In the Books: Hardin Scott

Played by: Hero Fiennes-Tiffin

How the Character is Described

In the books, Hardin (aka Harry) is described as an attractive, British college student with dark, curly hair, green eyes, and very tan skin. He is also said to have multiple facial piercings and full tattoo sleeves.

"My eyes shift to the tall brown-haired boy leaning against the wall. His hair is a mop of thick waves on his head, pushed back off his forehead, and he has metal in his eyebrow and lip. My focus moves down his black t-shirt to his arms, which are also covered in tattoos; not an inch of uncovered skin is seen.... [his tattoos are] all black, gray, and white. He's tall, lean, and I know I'm staring at him in the most impolite way, but I can't seem to look away."
" eyes go directly to his long torso and the way the black tattoo ink stretches across his surprisingly tan skin."


Name In the Books: Tessa Young

Played by: Josephine Langford

How the Character is Described

Tessa is described as innocent-looking with straight, dirty-blonde hair and blue-gray eyes. She is frequently called curvy and thick-hipped in the books and dresses conservatively. She wears minimal makeup and has naturally full plump lips.

"These clothes you wear hide all of your curves. If I hadn’t seen you in your bra and panties, I would never know how sexy and curvy your body actually is."

Fucking Trevor

Name In the Books: Trevor Matthews

Played by: Dylan Sprouse

How the Character is Described

Trevor in the books was said to have black hair and blue eyes with a well-built physique. He wears glasses and is often in a suit for work.

When I step of off the elevator, I spot Trevor's black hair near the door. He is wearing black dress pants and a cream sweater.


Based on: Liam Payne

Name In the Books: Landon Gibson

Played by: Shane Paul McGhie

How the Character is Described

Landon has short, dark brown, styled hair, and brown eyes. He has a fit build and is said to be attractive, resembling a young David Beckham.

He has tried a new hairstyle, pushing his hair up off of his forehead and it looks very good on him.


Based on: Zayn Malik

Name In the Books: Zed Evans

Played by: Samuel Larsen

How the Character is Described

Zed is said to have olive skin, dark hair, and dark eyes with many tattoos and a tongue piercing.

"A very attractive boy with olive-toned skin reaches out his hand and shakes mine. His hands are slightly cold from the drink he was holding, but his smile is warm. The light reflects off his mouth, and I think I spot a piece of metal on his tongue, but he closes his mouth too quickly for me to be sure."


Name In the Books: Stephanie "Steph" Jones

Played by: Khadijha Red Thunder.

How the Character is Described

Tess frequently mentions Steph's vibrant red hair and thick eyeliner. She is also described as being taller and less curvy than Tessa and having many colorful tattoos.

"And then there’s the girl lying across one bed, and her bright red hair, eyes lined with what looks like inches of black liner, and arms covered in colorful tattoos."
"Her flaming red hair is pulled into a wild bun with curls escaping down to her shoulders and her eyes are lined with blue and black liner, somehow even more eyeliner than she had on before."


Name In the Books: Noah Porter

Played by: Dylan Arnold

How the Character is Described

Noah in the books has blonde, carefully styled hair and light blue eyes.

The blue of his polo shirt matches the light blue of his eyes, and his blond hair is combed and lightly gelled to perfection.


Name In the Books: Molly Samuels

Played by: Inanna Sarkis

How the Character is Described

Molly has pink hair and tattoos and wears thick eyeshadow and heavy makeup.

"What is it about her, anyway? Her pink hair? Her tattoos?"

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