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What You Need to Know About the Wattpad Data Breach

In July 2020, a Wattpad hack exposed the personal data of an estimated 268 Million users. Here's what we've learned so far...

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What We Know

In July of 2020, Wattpad announced they had experienced a major data breach involving user information. Possible user information exposed included email address, date of birth, gender, IP address, profile display name, and paid story purchase history. Passwords were also part of the breach, but were stored in an encrypted form.

Were You Affected?

While it's always good to assume your information may have been compromised and act accordingly, you can use the website to check if your email address has been involved in any known data breaches like Wattpad's.

Wattpad's Response to the Breach

According to their statement on the issue, Wattpad is investigating the breach and determining how to improve their security. In the meantime, they advised all users to update their passwords and be vigilant.

The Next Steps for Wattpad Users

If you haven't changed your password since July 21st, Wattpad recommends you do so now. They also suggest changing your password on any accounts where you may use the same password.

It's also always a good idea to regularly change passwords, use passwords that are difficult to guess, and use different passwords on different websites. Be sure to keep an eye on all your online accounts and report any suspicious behavior. Never provide anyone with your password via email and avoid clicking suspicious links.

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Have you been affected by the Wattpad data breach? Share your experience in the comments...



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