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4 Actors Replaced As After Movies Undergo Major Recasting

Due to COVID-19 changes and scheduling conflicts, the upcoming After movies are swapping in 4 completely different actors.

What We Know

On October 7th, the After production team posted an announcement on Instagram explaining that, due to COVID-19 restrictions, they would be going forward with filming the second and third movies with a substantially different cast.

Who's Out & Who's In

Chance Perdomo will be taking over the role of Landon, Tessa's close friend and Hardin's step-brother. The role was originally played by Shane Paul McGhie.

McGhie posted to Instagram expressing his disappointment in not being able to move forward with the film series.

"It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing I will not be filming in Bulgaria. We could not come to an agreement and I had to make a really tough call. I had to stand up for me, the way Landon would. I am so grateful to you all for welcoming me into the After family and supporting me along this incredible journey."

McGhie also encouraged fans to support the actor stepping in to replace him.

"I know the feeling of stepping into something new. How a welcoming hand goes a long way. So, please welcome the actor who replaces me and treat him with the respect and love you've been giving me since the first day I was brought on."

True Blood's Stephen Moyer is picking up the role of publishing mogul Christian Vance, who was previously played by Charlie Weber.

Arielle Kebbel will be taking over the role of Vance's girlfriend Kimberly from Vampire Diaries actress Candice King, who is currently pregnant with her second child.

Tessa's mother Carol, originally Selma Blair, will now be played by Mira Sorvino. Blair has been living with MS for at least 17 years, and as a result of immunity issues has been in isolation for nearly the last two.

The post also announced one new cast member: Tessa's potential love interest Robert will be played by Famous in Love's Carter Jenkins.

This news comes following a previous recast of Ken and Karen Scott between the original movie and its sequel. Actors Peter Gallagher and Jennifer Beals were replaced with Rob Estes and Karimah Westbrook as a result of scheduling issues.

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