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5 Great Boxing Romance Books on Wattpad

These recommended reads pack a punch—literally—with romance in and outside of the boxing ring.

by Babezcanwrite

Shortly after moving to Boston for college, Ava McAdams meets heavily tattooed underground fighter Shawn Michaels. This sexy, action-packed story is a well-written and entertaining romance in the world of underground boxing.

by Kaci Jordan

Tez is successful with the ladies and a championship boxer, but after a chance encounter with his high-school crush, he finds himself yearning for the one that got away. Tornado is part slow-burn romance, part MMA saga, and entirely compelling.

by Nicandmoes

Maddox Reece is more than just a professional MMA fighter. In his time off, he protects vulnerable people from danger. When Darcy asks for his help fending off a stalker, he finds himself thinking about more than just keeping her safe. If you get past the creepiness, you'll appreciate the author's brilliant portrait of a dangerous stalker.

by Rachksnaps

When 17-year-old Maddie stumbles upon an underground fight, she sees an opportunity to learn self-defense and protect herself and loved ones from her abusive father. She recruits boxer and notorious ladies' man Hayden Walker to train her.

by Claudia Tan

When trainer Sienna Lane finds her champion-boxer boyfriend Jax in bed with her sister, she begins a quest for revenge. She offers to train his nemesis—Kayden Williams—in hopes of seeing Jax defeated in the ring. The plot leans more bittersweet/tearjerker at times than romance, but Tan's writing is compelling enough to have won a Watty in 2015 and there's even a movie in the works.

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