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5 Webcomics to Read if You Like Lore Olympus

Love Hades and Persephone? Then these romance webcomics will be right up your alley.

by Miyuli

This paranormal romance between a sunshine-y witch and a grumpy vampire is charming and compelling. Between the beautiful art style and great writing—you'll be immediately addicted.

by Snailords

When Zylith moves into her dream apartment, she discovers that it comes with an unexpected feature: a handsome ghost roommate. She can't touch him but, for some reason, her cat can.

by Carolyn Fallon

Loki is the Norse God of Mischief and Chaos, but is cursed with powers he is unable to control. A dark love story unfolds when he falls for his brother Thor's intended bride, Sif.

by Linda Sejic

This Persephone and Hades retelling puts its own spin on the classic story, but this version stands on its own even up against the powerhouse of Lore Olympus.

by Author Name

Kappa is the chosen one—the "beacon"—destined to guide his people to a brighter future. Siren is a young prince destined to kill the beacon and save his people. But Kappa and Siren both defy their fates by falling for each other.


If you have your own recommendations, share them in the comments!

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