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5 Great Reads for Greek Mythology Lovers

We've rounded up our favorite stories that borrow from Greek mythology, from tales of the gods of Olympus to lesser creatures like sirens and cupids.

by Andrea Torres

YA Paranormal Romance

Sassy cheerleader Samantha appears to be your typical, high school "it girl", but fate has different plans. She's destined to be Hades's new queen, and Zeus himself sees her as a threat to his kingdom.

by Lux Raven

Adult Paranormal Romance

After a fight with her boyfriend, chronically ill 20-something Ava ends up making out with a handsome, tattooed stranger. Little does she know that he's actually an immortal siren with the supernatural powers of seduction. Is she really falling in love or just falling for his charms?

by Rachel Smythe

Adult Web Comic

Lore Olympus is a beautiful visual retelling of the myth of Hades and Persephone. As the goddess of spring, Persephone struggles to carve out her own identity under the shadow of her controlling mother, Demeter. An internship in the underworld brings her closer to Hades. But will he uncover her secret past?

by Lauren Palphreyman

YA Fantasy

Lauren Palphreyman's Cupid's Match trilogy follows Lila, a normal girl whose life is turned upside down when she begins receiving non-stop mail from Cupid's Matchmaking Agency. When she arrives to complain, she is shocked to learn that cupids are real, and she has been matched to the god of love himself.

by A.J. Rosen

YA Fantasy

As a descendant of the Greek gods, Avery Montgomery is destined to meet her soulmate when she turns 18. Could it be her new crush, Carlos? Or her childhood friend, Adrian? Or even her best friend's brother Vladimir?



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