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7 Things That Only Happen in Wattpad Books

If the world were a bad Wattpad fic, here are a few things we'd expect to see.

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1. Green is Suddenly the Most Common Eye Color

While only 2% of the real world's population has green eyes, the majority of Wattpad characters do. Maybe there's something in the water in the Wattpad world.

2. Everyone Gets Pregnant All the Time

Characters had sex one time? Pregnant. They used protection? Still pregnant. Feeling a little nauseous? Definitely pregnant. In reality, over half of pregnancies (55%) are planned and most contraceptives are over 90% effective. It's safe to say the Wattpad world has a lot more babies than the real world.

3. Most of Us Would Be Orphans

Dead parents aren't just for Disney movies. When Wattpad writers are in need of a tragic backstory, they go straight for the orphan narrative. Parents may want to watch out—Wattpad can be a dangerous place.

4. The Population is a Lot More Attractive

One perk of Wattpad reality: everyone is unbelievably hot. From your love interest to your doctor to your local grocer—everyone you encounter will be a perfect ten. And if you're not a perfect ten yourself, don't worry, Wattpad hotties love the normal-looking, quiet types.

5. Kidnappings Happen All the Time

It's hard to say exactly how common kidnappings are in real life, but on Wattpad it's definitely a common occurrence. If you haven't gotten kidnapped, are you really even a Wattpad protagonist?

6. Business Mergers Are Done Through Marriage

Business deals are usually made through contracts and negotiations. But if you trust Wattpad, they're done exclusively through arranged marriages. Sorry, guys, but that's not how mergers really work.

7. No One Has to Go to Work

Whether you're a minimum-wage worker or a billionaire CEO, you rarely have to actually be at work. You can easily leave work early and you'll have near-unlimited days off.


What would the world look like based on the books you read? Tell us in the comments...


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