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7 Cliché Sentences in Every Wattpad Book

We don't know why, but these sentences seem to appear in every single story on Wattpad.

"She's not like other girls."

The main character of this book is not like other girls. You know this because she doesn't wear dresses or makeup. She doesn't go shopping and spends most of her time with her nose in a book. She's rough around the edges and maybe even drives a tough muscle car or a motorcycle. Of course, all of this fails to answer the question of what these "other girls" are actually like. Presumably, they're shallow, makeup-obsessed girly-girls who worry about breaking a nail and spend their days on Instagram trolling for likes?

Unfortunately, the "not like other girls" trope is really just misogyny in disguise, but we fall for it because it sounds like a compliment. We all want to be unique, and it's easy to relate to a main character who doesn't fit the stereotype of what a girl should look like because nobody really does. The problem is, when we're being told what the character isn't, we're also being given a picture of what most girls supposedly are. When it's framed as "she's not like most people", we get the message that she's unique and unpredictable. When it's framed around what it means to be a girl, the message is clear: you don't want to be like "most girls."

Authors, take a page out of Hailee Steinfeld's book (pun intended) and celebrate "most girls" instead.

"...tongues fighting for dominance."

Why does every Wattpad author think a kiss needs to be a battle? While the imagery has inspired some incredible fighting-tongue memes, the line is remarkably overused to the point that it's almost a joke.

It's safe to say that any time your tongues are engaged in wrestling, you're not having a good makeout session, but you may be starting a new—slightly creepy—sport.

"Never hide yourself from me."

The main characters are getting hot and heavy, when inevitably the clothes come off and one character (usually female) feels insecure and attempts to cover herself with her hands or a blanket. That's when their partner whips out this gem.

Okay, we concede, the message behind this one is good: Take pride in yourself and in your body. The problem is, it is almost always said with the same five words and we don't know why. It's a mystery of Wattpad.

"Is that what you really think of me?"

Incensed and shocked, someone looks to the main character with great offense—do you really think that? There are many variations ("So that's what you think of me?" or "Nice to hear what you really think of me.") A search of the exact phrase returned over 7,000 results from Wattpad alone. It may be time to put this one to bed—and yes, that's what we really think.

"Your mood swings are giving me whiplash!"

This line was pulled straight out of Twilight, but has found its way into every fanfic and romance on the planet. Love interest changes their mind? Whiplash. Character is hot and cold? Whiplash. Mood swings? WHIP. LASH.

Personal injury attorneys in the Wattpad world must be up to their eyeballs in clients, because there's a case of whiplash everywhere you look.

"I could hardly recognize the girl in the mirror."

Sometimes it's a personality change. Sometimes, the main character has been crying for hours. Sometimes they were in a bar fight. But at the end of the day, the result is the same, they have no idea who that person in the mirror is!

We get it, the concept of feeling separated from your own reflection has been immortalized in song by just about every musician, from Michael Jackson to Christina Aguilera.

"He's my drug and I'm addicted."

What's a good metaphor for when you feel very strongly about someone and you can't stop thinking about it? According to about a million Wattpad stories, it's drugs! It makes sense, sure, but when everyone from Anna Todd to Ke$ha has used the metaphor, it's safe to say it's overused.

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