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The Ultimate Superhero Story Reading List

With inhuman powers and heart-pounding action, these awesome comic-worthy original stories will have you super addicted, super fast.


by Vapid Ink

Eli thinks his city's new masked hero—dubbed Vigilante by the public—is some kind of joke. That is, until he saves him from muggers. But Vigilante keeps showing up when he gets into trouble and saving the day with a cocky attitude and a smirk. Eli never expected to have his own bodyguard-meets-super-stalker, but he really didn't expect him to steal a kiss in the middle of a darkened city street. That's when the trouble really starts.

by LightentheShadows

In a world where it's normal to see heroes and villains fighting in the streets, high school student Tessa has a very unpopular hot take: superheroes are overrated. When she finds herself in the middle of a battle between supers and villains, she decides it's time to prove her point: anyone can save the day, "super" or not

by Kelsea Dove

Vidya Khan is just a normal teen in Los Angeles, occasionally catching glimpses of the city's beloved team of heroes, The Marvels, as they perform superhuman feats. But when she discovers she can fly and is invited to join the team, her entire world is flipped upside down.

by YourAverageNerd

Teenager Oliver Storm is living a double life—friends know him as a normal high school junior, but the city knows him as White Lightning, sidekick to Captain Impossible. But when Captain Impossible dies, suddenly the fate of the city is on his shoulders.

by Kae Ruby

When your dads are a legendary superhero and an infamous villain, the world expects s lot of you. But no matter how much she wants them, Kacie doesn't have her fathers' powers. When the media outs her as a child of supers, she finds herself in over her head and going to battle—with nothing but a mask to protect her.


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