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The Best YA Books You Can Read for Free on Wattpad

We've rounded up our favorite YA reads from Wattpad to bring you the best of the best.

by Lauren Palphreyman

Lauren Palphreyman's Cupid's Match trilogy follows Lila, a normal girl whose life is turned upside down when she begins receiving non-stop mail from Cupid's Matchmaking Agency. When she arrives to complain, she is shocked to learn that cupids are real, and she has been matched to the god of love himself.

by PhenomenalPen

After her first breakup, Kate stumbles upon a boyfriend app that promises companionship through artificial intelligence. But she starts to suspect that her virtual boyfriend, Ecto, might be more than meets the eye. Is there a real voice behind the app?

by Michael Estrin

Peter has a *ahem* little secret. The only problem? His secret just went public. His best friend Elroy sees it as a business opportunity—addressing the untapped market of male insecurity. Meanwhile, a girl starts showing interest in Peter, despite his small problem.

by Lia Álvarez

Rory's best friend has a major crush on the high school quarterback, Will Porter. And he just asked Rory out. Desperate to avoid him and the drama that would follow, she agrees to fake date the school player, aka Will's best friend.

by Erin Latimer

When Megan moves to a new town, she discovers a power she never knew she had, one that threatens to stretch beyond her control. She soon finds herself in the middle of a war between the forces of fire and ice.

by Darly Jamison

This summer will be Gwen's summer of change, and she's got a to-do list to prove it. Between her best friend Hartley, a cute new neighbor, and a shocking secret, it's guaranteed to be a summer she'll remember forever.

by Nikki Pierce

Nat has been keeping pro/con lists about her crushes since she started college. But in a moment of drunken courage, she decides to send them directly to her crushes. Now sober Nat has to deal with the consequences.

by Paula Gill

Five students, who all happen to be descendants of the town's founders, team up for a history project that uncovers a dark secret. Told through a mix of storytelling with real historical documents and photographs, this short story is unlike anything you've encountered before.


Have you read any of these? Tell us what you think!

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