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Our Favorite LGBTQ+ Reads on Wattpad

In honor of Pride Month, we've rounded up some of the best LGBTQ+ books on Wattpad to add to your reading list today.

by Amy N. Johnson

Julian is hired to protect billionaire bachelor Aiden Grayson when a blackmailer is after him. But the spark between the two quickly becomes undeniable.

by DreamerCail

This quirky sci-fi story—which won a Watty in 2019—was inspired by the idea of a.u. (alternate universe) fanfiction. It follows Damian Ryker as he builds his life in a new town and encounters the bizarre inside a local café.

by Sol Tuberosum

Lily sold her firstborn to the devil—but she's still single. In order to collect on the debt, a mysterious woman named Eve shows up to play matchmaker. (Paid Story)

by WeHoardCats

When Jaylin Maxwell is attacked, gorgeous Alpha werewolf Quentin comes to his rescue. Jaylin soon begins to uncover secrets within himself, and Quentin offers to help him along the way. This book won both a Watty and 2018 Fiction Award, and was previously only available through Wattpad Paid Stories, but is now free!

by Lauryn A. Brooks

In this Watty-winning lesbian romance, good girl Bree finds herself falling for her sister's underground fighting opponent—gorgeous blond kickboxer, Drew Wilder.

Why You Shouldn't Lend a Bad Boy Your Clothes

by Philline Harms

Jules's life is going smoothly until a chance run-in with the school bad boy, Hunter. Jules thinks it's harmless to lend him his hoodie, but that small decision changes his life.

by Vapid Ink

Eli thinks his city's new masked hero Vigilante is some kind of joke. That is, until he saves him from muggers. But Vigilante keeps showing up and saving the day with a cocky attitude and a smirk. Eli never expected to have his own bodyguard-meets-super-stalker, and he really didn't expect him to steal a kiss in the middle of a darkened city street.

All That and a Bag of Chips

by Brian J Rhymer

21-year-old trans guy Collin is still recovering from a rough breakup when he makes a bet with his coworker that he can land a date with a hot barista. The last thing he expects is to start falling for her.


We know there are so many more out there. Share your faves in the comments!


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