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The Best Bodyguard Romances to Read Online

These bodyguard romances have it all—action, danger, and a fierce protector there to save the day. And they're all available to read instantly on apps like Wattpad, Kindle Unlimited, or Inkitt.

Security guard wearing black suit

Knock Down, Drag Out by nicandmoes

by nicandmoes

Maddox Reece is a pro MMA fighter who doubles as a protector for those in need. Keeping Darcy safe from her relentless stalker should just be another job, but this one is different—she's different. He starts to realize that he doesn't just want to keep her safe from her stalker, he wants her for himself.

Caleb by Melissa White

by Melissa White

Every book in Melissa White's interconnected Knight Security series features bodyguard leads, but Caleb in particular is a standout. Caleb Tanner, a medic and former Navy SEAL, is tasked by his security firm to safeguard the daughter of a prominent politician from the Colombian mafia. But from the moment he sees Elaina Flores, he begins to second-guess his ability to keep things professional.

Twisted Games by Ana Huang

by Ana Huang

Bodyguard Rhys Larsen lives by two strict rules: protect his clients at any cost and never get emotionally involved. Yet, when he meets Princess Bridget von Ascheberg, his resolve crumbles. She slowly dismantles his barriers, revealing a truth he can't deny: he's sworn to safeguard her, but he wants to possess her.

by Cassidy Kate

At twenty-two, Laliana Summers finds herself thrust into fame as a bestselling author. But her the fame has a cost—mainly a sinister stalker who breaks into her home. She's agrees to have a bodyguard until the threat is gone, but she doesn't expect her protector to be such a sinfully hot distraction.

by Eden Young

Tired of enduring relentless bullying, Gabriel decides to take action and hire Asa Jennings, the school's toughest senior, as his personal bodyguard. With Asa by his side, Gabriel finally feels protected and empowered to stand up against his tormentors. But their transaction quickly blossoms into something more.

by Sierra Christenson

Like a previous entry in this list, this book also features an author with a stalker. Here, it's erotic romance author Genevieve Blake whose too-hot-to-handle writing has drawn some unsavory attention. With the police unable to help, she seeks protection from Grim Security. But who's going to protect her from the gorgeous distraction of her tattooed bad-boy bodyguard?


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