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The Most Popular Character Names in Fan Fiction

When it comes to choosing character names, writers have a few favorites that keep showing up everywhere.

Men's Names

1. Xavier

Meaning: Latin for "The New House"

He's probably... a tattooed bad boy.

2. Ryan

Meaning: Unknown (may mean "Little King")

He's probably... a jock with a sweet side.

3. Ajax/Jax

Meaning: Greek, meaning "Earth" or "Land"

He's probably... underground fighter.

4. Kane

Meaning: Irish for "Battle" or "Warrior"

He's probably... an alpha werewolf.

5. Damon/Damien

Meaning: From Greek "To Tame" or "Deity"

He's probably... a demon (obviously).

6. Vincenzo

Meaning: Latin and Italian for "Conqueror"

He's probably... a mafia leader.

7. Zane

Meaning: Hebrew meaning "Gift from God" or "God is Gracious"

He's probably... a brooding bad boy who might also be a vampire.

8. Jackson

Meaning: Literally "Son of Jack"

He's probably... the best friend of the main character's brother.

9. Ryder

Meaning: Old English meaning (literally) "Horse Rider"

He's probably... a street racer.

10. Hades

Meaning: Greek for "Sightless" and more popularly, the name of the Greek god of the underworld and death

He's probably... a rogue werewolf or reaper.

Women's Names

1. Rose

Meaning: Direct English for the flower "Rose"

She's probably... a damaged girl with a troubled past.

2. Isabella

Meaning: From Hebrew meaning "Consecrated to God"

She's probably... the girl-next-door type.

3. Amity

Meaning: Latin for "Friendly" or "Friendship"

She's probably... an innocent virgin.

4. Mia

Meaning: Spanish and Italian word for "Mine"

She's probably... a sassy, no-nonsense girl.

5. Lily

Meaning: An English word for the "Lily flower", a symbol of purity

She's probably... a sensitive artist.

6. Sophia

Meaning: Greek for "Wisdom"

She's probably... a rich girl with an attitude.

7. Eva

Meaning: Derived from the Hebrew word for "Life"

She's probably... a sex kitten.

8. Lyla/Layla

Meaning: Arabic meaning "Dark" or "Night"

She's probably... the sweet, quiet one.

9. Paisley

Meaning: Scottish for "Church"

She's probably... a small-town, country girl.

10. Adeline

Meaning: Originates from French word for "Nobility"

She's probably... a prim and proper, straight-A student.

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