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Meet the Watty Awards Judges for 2020

Ever wondered who chooses Wattpad's award winners? Here are a few of the judges behind this year's Wattys...

Alessandra Ferreri

Content Strategy Manager, Wattpad Studios

Alessandra works with the Wattpad Studios team to find content for development into TV, movies, and other media. She enjoys books with fresh perspectives, unique characters, and good twists.

WP Profile: @Alessandra

Amy Sousa

Copyright Team Lead, Trust & Safety

Amy helps educate Wattpad authors on copyright law. She has been a Wattpad user since 2011 and likes writing YA Fantasy.

Twitter: @AmySousa

WP Profile: @AmySousa

Amanda Ferreira

Senior Editorial Specialist, Wattpad Paid Stories

Genre Specialty: Historical Romance

Amanda works on both editing and acquiring new material for Wattpad Paid Stories. She loves good fanfiction tropes, epic fantasy, cowboys, and regency romance.

WP Profile: @AmandaTFerreira

Carmen Ho

Editorial Associate, Wattpad Paid Stories

Genre Specialty: LGBTQ+

Carmen coaches writers and helps discover new content for Wattpad's Paid Stories program. Some of her favorite genres include literary fiction, sci-fi, YA, paranormal, and horror.

WP Profile: @CarmenandStories

Dexter Ong

Head of Asia, Wattpad Studios

Dexter oversees the development and expansion of Wattpad Studios in Asian markets.

WP Profile: @Dexter-Ong

Dottie Omino

Job/Qualifications: Product Manager, Content Discovery

Dottie works with data to discover new stories for the Wattpad audience. Her Wattpad reading list includes urban fantasy, sci-fi, and romance stories.

Twitter: @DottieOmino

WP Profile: @Dottie

Elena Djordjic

User Experience Researcher, Wattpad

Elena works with Wattpad writers and readers to make the user experience better.

WP Profile: @ElenaDjo

Jess Lee

Product Designer, Wattpad

Jess helps design the user interface of Wattpad.

WP Profile: @Jess-_-Lee

Leah Ruehlicke

Editorial Manager, Wattpad

Genre Specialties: Mystery & Thrillers

Leah helps Wattpad authors develop more polished stories. She loves clever twists, complex characters, and snappy dialogue.

WP Profile: @Leah

Monica Pacheco

Talent Manager

Genre Specialties: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, YA, & Litfic

Monica likes character-driven stories and "prickly protagonists". Before joining the Wattpad team, she was an agent representing authors in sci-fi, fantasy, YA, and literary fiction.

WP Profile: @Monica-Pacheco

Patryce Bowling

Senior Community Engagement Specialist

Patryce helps develop connections between Paid Story authors and their readers.

Twitter: @BPatryce

WP Profile: @PatryceB

Robyn Cole

Talent Operations Specialist

Robyn helps new authors with legal questions and issues in regards to Wattpad studios.

WP Profile: @RobynReneee

Tim Johnson

Senior Account Specialist, Brand Partnerships & 2015 Watty Winner

Genre Specialties: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Tim develops partnerships between authors and brands for Wattpad. He is a Wattpad Star and won his own Watty award for his book, Cataindar: The Discovery, in 2015. He also hosts his of Wattpad podcast called Tim's World of Wattpad.

Twitter: @TEJJohnson

WP Profile: @Tim

Tim Reyes

Story Marketing Manager

Genre Specialties: Paranormal

Tim promoted projects at HBO for 8 years before joining the Wattpad team last year. He now applies those skills toward discovering and promoting stories on the platform. He's a self-proclaimed fan of werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and all things spooky.

WP Profile: @ReadingReyes

Tom McGee

Content Development Manager, Wattpad Stars

Genre Specialties: Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Tom works to develop education and coaching materials for Wattpad Stars. He enjoys reading many genres, but is especially fond of fantasy, sci-fi, and regency romance.

Twitter: @McGeeTD

WP Profile: @TDMcGee

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