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When Are the 2020 Watty Award Winners Announced?

Here's everything you need to know about Wattpad's 2020 Wattys.

Entry Period

July 13 - September 30th

The 2020 Watty Awards began accepting submissions on July 13th and closed as of September 30th. The deadline has now passed and submissions are closed.


October 1 - December 3rd

Beginning October 1st, entries for the 2020 Wattys will be reviewed by judges.

This year, the Wattpad team has introduced fifteen of the judges of this year's contest in their official Wattys 2020 book. If you're curious about the selection process, check out the Road to the Wattys Podcast where they'll be interviewing judges during the judging months.

Winners Announced

December 4th

The official announcement of winners is set for Friday, December 4th. A total of 55 English-language books in different genres can win, as well as winners in 10 other languages. Can't wait? Feel free to follow along with our countdown clock!

Soon after, we expect the winners to be listed at See the Wattys 2020 book and the Wattys account (@TheWattys) on Wattpad for up-to-date information.

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