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Why People Think is Closing

The internet has been abuzz with rumors that will being closing any day now. So where did that come from and what's really going on?

The Rumors

Toward the end of September, rumors started circulating on Twitter and online forums that popular fanfic repository was on its last legs.

Most of the speculation seems to trace back to a Reddit post from earlier that month.

In that post, the poster claims that (FFN) has been abandoned in favor of a new project. We assume that the "original fiction website" in question is Fanfiction Press, a sister project from the team behind FFN that focuses on original content.

Some pointed to the long-dormant Fanfiction Press twitter account as a bad sign for the brand; but @FanfictionPress started posting about website updates shortly after speculation began.

What's Really Happening?

Honestly, we don't know. There seem to be rumors about FFN going offline about once a year, and it has yet to actually come true. We haven't seen any evidence that FFN is in real danger of suddenly shutting down. Unless we hear more credible claims, we're assuming this is just the same yearly panic.

Should I Back Up My Stories?

People worry about FFN closing because it would mean a huge amount of content lost forever. Regardless of the status of FFN, you should always back up your work and keep it in more than one place.


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