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10 Famous Wattpad Stories for Your Reading Bucket List

These ultimate Wattpad classics are a must-read for fans of the orange app.

by Anna Todd

706 Million Reads

No list of Wattpad classics could miss Anna Todd's ultra-hit Harry Styles fanfic, After. Jam-packed with drama a sex, it's no wonder this famous Wattpad series spawned 4 published books and 4 movies.

by Lindsey Summers

125 Million Reads

This teen romance about two high school students who accidentally switch cell phones skyrocketed to fame in the early 20-teens. It was eventually physically published by Wattpad as Textrovert.

by Ariana Godoy

370 Million Reads

Spanish-language sensation A Través De Mi Ventana is also known for its English translation, Through My Window. The book was turned into a hit movie for Netflix in 2022 with two sequels on the way.

by Isabelle Ronin

260 Million Reads

One of the first big Wattpad books to score an outside publishing deal, steamy romance Chasing Red has amassed success on and offline since 2016.

by Claudia Tan

85 Million Reads

This boxing romance is actually the second standalone in Claudia Tan's Perfect series, but quickly became a fan favorite. It was published by Wattpad Books in 2022 and is being turned into a movie by Constantin Films.

by Robert Thier

111 Million Reads

2015 Watty winner Storm and Silence is a billionaire romance that has become a major fan favorite. The full 6-book series has since been published by the author.

by Lauren Palphreyman

59 Million Reads

This young adult fantasy based on Greek mythology became an instant star among readers and won a Watty in 2016. It was later published by Wattpad Books and optioned for a TV show by the CW in 2018.

by Yuen Wright

81 Million Reads

Yuen Wright's YA romance between the invisible girl and the high school quarterback is exactly the kind of deliciously tropey fare we love in a Wattpad novel. It's now a published novel through Wattpad Books.

by Nicole Nwosu

109 Million Reads

Now published internationally and also as an audiobook, teen romance The Bad Boy and the Tomboy started out as a very popular Wattpad story.

by Jessica Cunsolo

143 Million Reads

Jessica Cunsolo rose to Wattpad fame with her book She's With Me, published in 2020. Its sequels, Stay With Me and Still With Me, were both subsequently published, making it the longest full series currently published under the imprint.


Are we missing any Wattpad classics? What would you recommend?

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