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6 Secret Relationship Stories to Indulge Your Need for Dramatic Romance

Love a good clandestine romance? Look no further than these delightfully drama-filled reads.

When high school ended, Wyatt Thorne made a huge mistake and let the love of his life, Lia, walk away. He returns home from college determined to repair their bond, just in time to watch his brother propose to her. But Wyatt isn't ready to let her go for good.

Baking blogger Madison Blake has a one night stand after celebrating her sister's engagement with a few too many cocktails. When the handsome stranger turns up at a celebratory brunch, she discovers that he's actually the best man in the wedding.

On her night off, Wren has a no-strings-attached one night stand with Camden, a good looking stranger that she plans to never see again. But it turns out Camden is a firefighter at the same station where her brother is training—and he's her brother's instructor.

Tyler and Riley have been dating for a year and a half when his estranged brother, Lucas, moves back home. The brothers have a longstanding rivalry and Lucas soon sets his eyes on Riley, sending steamy advances her way when his brother isn't looking.

Rocio's Ibiza vacation with her boyfriend goes off-course when he invites his hot Australian friend, Levi. When Levi starts to flirt with her, Rocio can't seem to resist his pull.

With their family businesses on the line, Harper and Ryan enter into an arranged marriage, but privately agree to an open relationship with just a few small rules. Harper had no idea that one random stranger in a bar would turn out to be Ryan's estranged brother, Jackson Reese, and she's about to break all the rules for him.

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