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6 Books to Read If You Loved After

Finished Anna Todd's After series and looking for more possessive bad boys, high-heat romance, and delicious drama? These books should be next on your TBR.

by Bethany Winters

Xander gets into trouble and is sent off to live with his aunt and attend a new school. When he meets Jordyn, he's convinced that her good girl rep is just an act, and he's determined to bring out the little devil inside of her.

After fans will love it because...

This book's bad boy male lead Xander has major Hardin/Harry vibes. He’s brooding, tattooed, possessive, and totally obsessed with the seemingly innocent Jordyn James.

by SK Lampley

When Harper moved across the country to attend grad school, she never expected to find herself entangled with Damien Grey. He's aloof, mysterious, and totally infuriating. But Damien and Harper find themselves working together and things between them start to shift. One moment he's possessive and jealous, the next he's acting totally indifferent. Just the kind of drama she doesn't need. So why does she keep feeling pulled back to him?

After fans will love it because...

Harper and Damien's college romance has a wild, tumultuous, push-and-pull dynamic that Hessa shippers will surely love.

by MysteryMixtapes

After a chance encounter at a club, troubled twenty-something Harry Styles finds his fate entangled with that of sweet, naive Abby. But Harry's dark secrets threaten to ruin him, and possibly take her down with him.

After fans will love it because...

Not only is Stall a Harry Styles fanfic series, but it features him in a similar role—the brooding tattooed lady's man with a troubled past. This one is an undoubtedly darker story that is not for the faint of heart, but its cult-like following is well-earned.

by Ariana Godoy

Raquel develops an obsessive crush on her neighbor Ares, who she watches from her window every day. When he hacks her computer to steal her wifi password, he ends up uncovering her secret fascination with him. Their relationship veers between antagonistic and flirty as they explore the love-hate chemistry that pulls them together.

After fans will love it because...

This fellow Wattpad success developed a serious following in both Spanish and English, and it's easy to see why. Its plot is dramatic and addictive, and Ares Hidalgo is the quintessential grumpy bad boy who just can't seem to stay away.

by Jessica Cunsolo

Amelia moved to town to start over and leave her past behind. All she wants is to lay low and have an uneventful senior year. But when she meets her handsome classmate Aiden, she ends up in the crosshairs of his jealous ex. Will she risk exposing herself and the secrets of her past for the bonds she's forged in this new town?

After fans will love it because...

Much like After, this plot is filled with secrets and twists. Plus, mysterious Aiden brings those classic bad-boy Harry vibes.

by Monica Murphy

Notorious billionaire bad boy Crew Lancaster has wanted to corrupt sweet, innocent virgin Wren from the moment she arrived at Lancaster Prep. She's too perfect. Too popular. Too good. But when he realizes there's more to her than meets the eye, he discovers that he doesn't just want her body—he wants her heart too.

After fans will love it because...

The "bad boy corrupting the good girl" storyline is filled with the same delicious tropes and drama. Between that and the boarding school setting, Anna Todd readers are bound to feel right at home.


Hey After fans! What books would you recommend? Tell us in the comments...


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