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Awesome LGBTQ+ Authors to Follow on Wattpad

We've rounded up a list of our favorite LGBTQ+ Wattpad writers—each with tons of great stories to binge-read on the app.


German university student Philline Harms accumulated over 5 million reads on Wattpad with popular queer romance novels, including two published novels—Never Kiss Your Roommate and Love and Other Wicked Things.


Wattpad Creator CC Starfield has 8 published stories on Wattpad, most of which are queer contemporary romance and teen fiction.


Two-time Watty winner Cailin Clothier writes scifi and speculative fiction featuring LGBTQ+ characters.


SG Gardner has dozens of great books on Wattpad with diverse casts, including three paranormal series and a 2020 Watty winner, Bound by Blood.


Brian J. Rhymer is a Wattpad Creator whose 10 Wattpad stories span multiple genres, from contemporary YA romance to apocalyptic action.


LGBTQ+ romance writer Noah D. Gumbie has 17 stories on the platform, including multiple werewolf series, K-drama and BTS fanfiction, and a contemporary romcom.


Wattpad Creator Sondi Warne's LGBTQ+ polyamorous romance Lead Me Astray was published by Wattpad's publishing imprint, W. She writes tons great books on the app, all with diverse casts and most with poly relationships.


GabbysaNerd writes intense action stories featuring strong lesbian women dealing with extraordinary challenges. She posts fanfics across multiple fandoms (like Wynonna Earp and Star Wars).


Wattpad Creator and Watty winner Idris Grey writes multicultural queer fiction spanning multiple genres, from YA to Paranormal Romance.

*Note: Authors listed were included based on how they self-identify on their Wattpad profiles or websites. We want to celebrate marginalized authors, but also realize that not all LGBTQ+ authors share their identity publicly and we support that too!

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