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Our 7 Favorite BTS & K-Pop Fanfiction Stories

Add a dose of k-pop love to your reading list with these fics for fans of BTS, Exo, and the genre in general.

by PocketBangtan

This wildly popular Jungkook Y/N fanfic has garnered over 43 million reads and even won Wattpad's coveted Watty award in 2020. The immersive dark fic follows Jungkook reimagined as a gangster tattoo artist who lays claim to the reader.

by Painted_Kyun

This dark paranormal story follows a Monsta X's Joohoney and Changkyun on a night out gone very, very wrong—culminating in a trip to the hospital. Things only get weirder from there as vampires, a supernatural curse, and death itself threaten to tear them apart.

by Jihye_1a

Lee Ha Eun is an 18-year-old girl with notable music talent, but when she has the opportunity to become a k-pop idol, she doesn't want it. This cliché fic featuring Exo and BTS is a fun romp for fans.

by Mela David

Originally written as a gay romance between Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook, this revamped story follows the renamed Nolan Kim, a broke college student, as he falls for his billionaire bad-boy boss, Jung Jae-In.

by Seokgenie

Jinni has a normal life with her boyfriend, Jimin, when she encounters an unsuspected distraction in bad boy Taehyung. Can she resist his charm?

by Suga_Kim

When Minseo wakes up naked in the bed of her enemy—playboy Park Jimin—she panics and immediately leaves. Everyone loves him, but he can't stop thinking about the one girl who wants nothing to do with him.

by HeyMacareena

When all-male Two Moon Academy begins letting in female students, Han Min Na is the first to sign up. She has no idea she'll be going to school with the handsome boys of Exo.

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