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Great Hockey Romance Books to Read Online

The ice is cold, but everything else is hot in these hockey-themed romance stories.

by Avery Keelan

When her ex breaks her heart, the last thing Bailey expects is to fall for his arch rival on the ice, Chase Carter. But when her friends choose side and she's left out in the cold, he may be the only one still on her team.

by Hannah Cowan

The last thing Octavia wants is relationship with another hockey player who will break her heart. The last thing Oakley wants is a girl distracting him from perfecting his game on the ice. But once they meet, they can't seem to stay away from each other.

by Ruby Rana

Landon's hockey career is on the rise, until a scandalous photo of him and a former tryst derails everything. When he takes the issue to court, his lawyer turns out to be his boyhood crush—Indi Davé. He's desperate to pick up where they left off, but she has no interest in him or his playboy reputation.

*This story is ongoing

by Reanne Kennedy

Luke Madden has everything—the respect of his team, adoring fans, and a fast track to the Stanley Cup. But a serious injury derails his season and may wreck his career. Now his future is in the hands of his physical therapist, Rosalina. They're both stubborn, but they share the same goal: to get Luke through rehab and back on the ice.

by MAndALaptop

Cameron Beckett is the star and co-captain of his hockey team, but his coach has threatened to bench him over his failing math grades. He reaches out to his neighbor, Sam, for tutoring. But when sparks fly between them, Cameron starts to question his sexuality and how it might affect his prospects in the NHL.

by Linda O'Connor

Sarah Jain hates hockey and has sworn off it entirely—even though she's a doctor in a small town that's obsessed with the sport. But when a good friend calls her for help with an injured hockey player, she reluctantly agrees. He's stubborn and doesn't like to be told what to do—but neither does she.


by Brenda Rothert

When the Fenway Flyers hockey team is taken over by their new female owner, Sidney, reckless badboy and star forward Killian Bosch can't help but try and seduce her. Sidney plays along, thinking she can use his affections to gain control of the team, but her plan backfires when she starts to fall for his charms.


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