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The 5 Best Mafia & Gang Romances on Wattpad

Everyone loves a bad boy, but the love interests in these books are downright criminal.

by H.L. Swan

When Emilia's best friend's brother Aiden comes to visit for the summer, she finds herself falling for the mysterious, tattooed man. She has no idea that his secret life will find a way to pull her in. This story is a thrilling, erotic tale that will have you excited for the sequel, Emilia.

by Adelina Jayden

Iris lives on the streets after escaping torment. When her path crosses with the Riders of Tyr motorcycle gang, she meets a man whose tortured soul perfectly fits her own: Rage a.k.a. The Hellhound. Though he struggles with his own demons, he makes her feel the one thing no one else has—safe.

by Amber Taylor

Rafael Montez, heir to The Montez Mafia, is known as The Shiv for his reputation of being deadly with a knife. When a new server comes to work at his strip club, he finds himself entranced by her. Isa has no idea who she's working for—or how much trouble she's in for.

by Luminous Pixie

College is supposed to be Daisy's fresh start, away from the gangsters and criminals she's been living with for the past three years. Things get complicated when she ends up rooming with Jason Black, the leader of the rival gang.


New in town and completely broke, Vanessa finds a job stripping at a mafia-run gentlemen's club. When she catches the eye of the boss, Christiano, he refuses to let her go.



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