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The Best Bridgerton Fanfics to Read Now

Get your Bridgerton fill between seasons with our favorite fan stories inspired by Julia Quinn's romance novels and its Netflix adaptation.

Pearly Dewdrops

by INTPSlytherin_reylove97

In this modern-day retelling, Eloise is a newspaper reporter who meets high school teacher Phillip Crane while out on her morning jog.

by chxckbxss

Original character Peaches Featherington is reluctantly thrust into this season's marriage market and, much to her surprise, finds herself swooning over Benedict Bridgerton.

How NOT to Romance Penelope Featherington

by GoddessQueen

When Colin sees another man courting Penelope Featherington, he finds himself trying to outdo her suitor.

by PonderRose

Daphne and Simon's romance is reimagined in this alternate-universe fic set in modern day London.


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