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5 Great Supernatural Romance Fics Online

We've put together a list of the best supernatural romance stories—from werewolves to gods—you can read online right now.

by Crystal Johnson and Felicity Vaughn

When college girl Ella opens a mysterious ancient locket, she accidentally frees the handsome wish-granting god tied to it. To fulfill his duty and earn his place as leader of his world, he must grant her every wish, but Ella has no interest in using his magical shortcuts.


by MommaShifter

On her 17th birthday, abused orphan Athena discovers she's mated to her abuser. With the help of a witch, she runs away—leaving her pack and her former "mate" behind. She doesn't expect to run into her second chance mate, Ares, the Alpha King.

by Lux Raven

Adult Paranormal Romance

After a fight with her boyfriend, chronically ill 20-something Ava ends up making out with a handsome, tattooed stranger. Little does she know that he's actually an immortal siren with the supernatural powers of seduction. Is she really falling in love or just falling for his charms?

by EpsilonAngel

After eons of running hell on God's behalf, Lucifer began to believe he would never have a true soulmate. But then he meets a young human girl named Amirykal, who was made just for him.

by Miranda Grant

Ronan is tasked with finding a woman charged with a heinous mass murder, but instead finds her twin sister, Emma. But Emma is the one thing he never expected—his fated mate. But it can't matter right now; the fate of the Seven Realms is on her shoulders.

by S. Rene

After years of abuse, werewolf Jess is cut off from her connection with her wolf side. So when she encounters Alpha Chris, he immediately senses their connection as mates but she can't—and he has no idea why.


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