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8 Things "Manly" Men Don't Do—According to Wattpad Male Leads

We all know Wattpad men are dangerously hot alpha males, and most of them have a serious case of toxic masculinity. We've rounded up some of the most hilarious examples.

1. Eat Sprinkles

These colorful ice cream toppings, also known as hundreds and thousands, are apparently a threat to manliness.

2. Use Ladders

We're not sure exactly what about a ladder screams "feminine", but this male lead seems to think they're a woman-only tool.

3. Be "Cute"

It turns out calling a "manly man" cute or pretty is offensive to his ego.

4. Eat Breakfast

You'd think bacon and eggs would be a masculine staple, but apparently eating in the morning is just for the ladies.

5. Have a Favorite Flower

Obviously plants are for women only. Just knowing the name of a flower might make men explode.

6. Drink Milk

Sure, pretty much everyone drank milk as a baby, but we all know it's the girliest beverage.

7. Use Sunscreen

You're not a real man unless you can defeat the sun itself! UV rays be damned.

8. Drink Iced Coffee

Hot coffee? Manly AF. Iced coffee? Might as well be a pink unicorn latté.

9. Eat Italian Food

Don't tell all those Italian mob bosses, but that spaghetti stuff is just for women.


How do you feel about toxic masculinity in male leads? Let us know in the comments...

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