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6 Sexy Beach Reads We Love

Maybe you can't take a vacation right now, but we'll bring the vacation to you with these summer reads that bring some serious heat.

by Lina Laurine

When Rocio's boyfriend invites an old college friend, Levi, along on their island vacation, she has no idea what she's in for. Levi turns out to be smokin' hot—and he has his eyes set on Rocio.

by Dariya Mazdani

After Julie discovers her boyfriend has cheated—again—her Spanish vacation turns into an affair with a hot poolboy. This story leans more into erotica territory than traditional romance, but we won't tell if you won't.

by Leigh W. Stuart

Beth wins two tickets to Hawaii through a radio contest, but after too many drinks at an office party, she ends up inviting her hot coworker to come with her. But she's freshly out of a failed marriage, and he has his own baggage.

by Arden Hall

After two years away, Jessie's neighbor and childhood crush, Alex, returns for spring break. Now that she's not so little anymore, he starts to see her in a new light.

by Tessa Lovat

After having a steamy affair while on vacation, Imogen returns home to discover that her summer fling is actually her new boss. Getting back to business will turn out to be a challenge for both of them.

by Jordan R. Black

After a rough year, Vanessa needs an escape from life, so her best friend Riley brings her along on a vacation to Spain. The last thing Vanessa expects is falling for her best friend's handsome, tattooed stepbrother along the way.


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