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The 5 Best Motorcycle Romances on Wattpad and Inkitt

These MC romances have it all: bad boys, crime, and all the horsepower you can handle. The best part? They're all free reads on Wattpad and Inkitt.

by KristiferAnn Thorne

Dylan is starting fresh in a new town with a new job at a local hardware store. When her job unexpectedly puts her right in the sights of the town's rival motorcycle clubs—the Fallen Angels and the Devil's Brigade—she finds herself under the watchful eye of Fallen Angels vice president, Connor "Blade" Richardson.

by Adelina Jayden

Iris lives on the streets after escaping torment. When her path crosses with the Riders of Tyr motorcycle gang, she meets a man whose tortured soul perfectly fits her own: Rage a.k.a. The Hellhound. Though he struggles with his own demons, he makes her feel the one thing no one else has—safe.

by D. M. Brightwell

The Saints are one of the most feared motorcycle gangs around—and he's the reason why. They call him the devil. But the devil is about to meet his match.

by D Brooks

In hiding and on the run, Katie has learned to live by certain rules: watch your surroundings, never let someone take a photo of you, and don't get attached to anyone. But Devil, a charming and wild biker in town, has never been one to follow rules. He's ready to break down her walls—whatever it takes.

by E.L. Lewis

Savannah embarks on a cross-country journey to retrieve her runaway brother from the Sons of Sorrow Motorcycle Club. Somehow, she finds herself caught between a brother who doesn't want to come home, her new (and devastatingly handsome) biker roommate, and a DEA agent looking for answers.


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