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The Best Holiday Romance Books on Wattpad

Sure, the holidays might look a little different this year, but you can still get your festive fix with these fun (and free!) seasonal reads.

Our Favorite Completed Stories

We're starting off the list with a few completed books we love.

If you love (or hate) the holidays...

by R.S. Kovach

When Nick Klaas, heir to Sinter Klaas's Christmas empire, falls for the holiday-hating Noelle Nixon, he finds himself torn between claiming his role in the family dynasty or keeping the girl of his dreams.

When you only have time for a quick read...

Beth Reekles, author of The Kissing Booth series, has collected her holiday short stories into this mini-anthology. Each one is no more than two chapters, so you can enjoy them whenever you have a minute to spare.

If you enjoy a good office romance...

After a particular embarrassing drunken office hookup, Ingrid Kaufman tries her best to put the whole thing behind her. But in a particularly cruel twist of fate, she ends up snowed in with the one man she's desperate to avoid.

Great Ongoing Reads

These books are still being written, but are artfully done and frequently updated, so we're enjoying the journey.

For new adult readers...

Author Shayla Sarhaddi has some of our favorite sweet romance stories, so her latest Christmas-inspired novella is an easy pick. The book follows Micah and Aria, who become trapped in the dorm when a winter storm hits and decide to make the most of their snowed-in holiday.

If you're a Lifetime Movie fan...

Jack is in love with his best friend Chloe, but Chloe is secretly in love with Jack's twin brother Logan. When Chloe mistakenly kisses the wrong brother under the mistletoe, Christmas becomes a lot more complicated for all three of them.

For the classic trope lover...

Louise has the perfect way to get out of hanging out with her coworkers—she says she has plans with her girlfriend. The only problem? Her girlfriend is imaginary and they all expect to meet her at the office Christmas party. There's just one thing she can do: find a fake girlfriend.


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